Lance Blackthorn


Name: Lance Blackthorn
Age: 26
Ethnic: Caucasian
Class: Blackthorn
Profession: Trainer
Level: ?!
Exp: 0

Height: 5
Weight: 5
Hair: Red Hair
Eyes : Reddish-Brown
Outfit: Prince Outfit (Blackthorn) Blue, Cape, Black Rider Boots


Lance came from Johto during the war finding the violent hold of Johto’s traditions painful and joined the side of Kanto in the war. Such a feud removed him from the succession of the Dragon Den as he fought from the skies on-top of a loyal Dragonite, considered one of the first five in existance.

At Tojo Falls, before the destruction unfolded he managed to get away, many contribute this with Dragonite’s ability to move across the region at near instantaneous speeds which allowed him to be one of the very rare survivors of the incident.

Shortly after the Mask of Ice was found without an owner, he was put in charge of the League to lead a new era and here he made the decision to set up the Elite Four instead of just a Champion and Gym Leaders to help keep a check and balances on the role.

He was later demoted to the Highest Spot of the Elite Four when the 7th Champion defeated him and the current Elite four at the time on the very first tournament, which was settled to occur every three years to decide a Champion to help deter the murder of them to gain power.

Lance Blackthorn

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