Lawrence Tajiri the Third


Name: Lawrence Tajiri III
Age: 30
Ethnic: Caucasian
Class: Collector
Profession: Trainer
Level: ?!
Exp: 0

Height: 7
Weight: 5
Hair: Green
Eyes : Blue
Outfit: Blue-Black Dress Uniform, Black Boots, Earrings


Not much is known about his past except that his Family was able to buy him a war Pardon allowing him to peruse his goal to hunt and capture the legendary Pokemon Mew and that his mother fell ill and died when he was a child. He is known to have spent much of his life attempting to do so ever since he claimed to have seen Mew at the young age of 9.

He hired a team of explorers post war, where he discovered an ancient relic which told of Mew’s existance and helped lead clues to how to find him. A few years later he entered the Indigo League, but was eliminated by Nikko Cascade in the finals, though he would go on to win the second tournament and become the 8th Indigo League Champion.

during his reign, he has shown interest in the Godspeakers and the Legendary birds, seeming to make it a quest of his own to unravel the mystery behind Kanto’s past.

Lawrence Tajiri the Third

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