Mask of Ice


Name: Mask of Ice
Age: ?
Ethnic: ?

Class: ???
Profession: Lord of Ice
Level: ?!
Exp: 0

Height: 5
Weight: ? (Always Cloaked)
Hair: White
Eyes : ?

Outfit: Mask of Ice, Black Cloak


A mysterious Individual who rode in on a Giant White Dragonite and created Tojo Falls with an absolute unmatched amount of power which destroyed both forces and ended the war.

The Mysterious Man was then made the 5th Indigo League Champion, though they were not ever seeming to be at their post and instead seemed to head towards Mt. Silver to reside peacefully far from people but in the center of both regions to be a guardian of peace.

One day the Mask was found on Mt. Silver by Famous Explorer Volothamp Geddarm laying in the snow at the top.

It is unknown if they are dead or alive, or where they or the Giant Dragonite have went.

They were the last Pokemon Champion of a unified League between Johto and Kanto, the now isolated Johto going forth and making the “Silver Conference” in named honor of the Dragonite.

Mask of Ice

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