Mitsu Mano


Name: Mitsu Mano
Age: 29 (Deceased, would be 42)
Ethnic: Caucasian
Class: Ninja
Profession: Kunoichi
Level: ?!
Exp: 0

Height: 2
Weight: 4
Hair: Purple Hair
Eyes : Dark Purple
Outfit: Gentlelady Attire, Kan-Tona the Tanto, Rainbow Gemmed Pocket-Watch, Tophat, Mysterious Tech-Monocle


During the KantoxJohto War, Mitsu Mano remained neutral during the war, but was then chosen as the Godspeaker of Moltres. Mitsu Mano however only two years in the war was offered a mysterious gift in a large Rainbow Gem and smaller variant if she would join Johto and help push the opposing Kanto forces which were at the verge of winning.

With Wealth and promise of power she went and joined the forces in the Battle of Tin Tower, defeating the at the time current Champion of Indigo, Arisa Kondo by summoning forth a powerful evolution in her Flareon which when teamed with Moltres defeated the opposing force with little effort and burning the tower to the ground.

Mitsu Mano then pushed the forces out of Johto and turned the tide of war on Kanto by turning it into the war ground while also becoming the 4th Indigo League Champion.

Her Reign did not last long however when one simply going by the name “Mask of Ice” riding into battle on-top of a Giant White Dragonite annihilated both Kanto and Johto forces along with Mitsu Mano at the now named Tojo Falls with such sheer power that it created a natural barrier between the two regions and ended the war.

Mitsu Mano

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