Nikko Cascade


Name: Nikko Cascade
Age: 42 (Deceased, Would be 44)
Ethnic: Caucasian
Class: Type Ace (Water)
Profession: Trainer
Level: ?!
Exp: 0

Height: 6
Weight: 4
Hair: Black
Eyes : Light Blue
Outfit: Cerulean Preformer’s outfit blue


Mother of four, was the original Gym leader in Cerulean City, she was able to choose a side, of which she picked neutral not wishing for the war to break out even though her husband went to war on the Draft and died.

After the Tojo Falls incident she tightened her grasp on her and her pokemon’s improvement believing she needed to finally stand strong for her own beliefs to keep her daughter’s safe and rise to the status of Champion.

Though she was a Type Ace of Water, her dedication and practice was noted as destructive by those close to her, especially her daughters whom hardly ever got to see her growing up.

She then managed to defeat the Elite Four and became the Champion in the first ever tournament. Her ideals for the year she was active were notably shut down by the Elite Four to the point where she was unable to get anything done.

Meanwhile Team Rocket came to existence and was building up influence using the weakened Power of the League and the hurt will of those who lost much from the war.

During the first ever violent Assault by Team Rocket on Cerulean City, she gave her life to save her daughters and the visitors of the Gym as it was assaulted and bombed to ruin.

This event however made the rocket movement weaken, as people started to realize their actions were not helping in reviving Kanto. Rocket numbers were rumored to have dropped by 66% since this event.

Nikko Cascade

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