Professor Samuel Oak


Name: Samuel Oak
Age: 47
Ethnic: Caucasian
Class: Researcher
Profession: Professor – Pallet Town
Level: ?!
Exp: 0

Height: 5
Weight: 6
Hair: Whitened Brown
Eyes : Brown
Outfit: Light Purple Shirt, White Labcoat, Brown Khakis, Leather Belt, Brown Dress Shoes


During the peace between Kanto and Johto, Samuel Oak was considered one of the best Trainers at the time and was chosen to lead a new organization called “The Indigo League”. He would later go on to create a lab in the wilds near the Indigo League to reside which is now known as Pallet town where he created the First modernized Pokeball.

The creation of the Pokeball which could catch Pokemon without the need of a bond was deemed a devil’s approach by the ruling Class of Johto at the time and caused a huge break in relations which Samuel Oak countered by resigning as the Indigo League Champion to help cool the tensions to prevent a war.

The war would still commence when the two opposing forces at the now Tojo Falls were mutually attacked by a Psionic Demon which both forces claimed were caused by the opposing force.

Professor Samuel Oak

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